Ultra-Slim Premium Wooden iPhone Case by IATO

Our classic wooden cases are hand cut and crafted by a team of professionals for superior durability, quality, and finishing. iATO wooden cases are form-fitted to your phone with a sleek yet sturdy appearance that comes across as modern and sophisticated. Our Good Wood Cases are carved from Real wood that keeps your phone protected giving it a tough veneer so it doesn’t get chipped, broken and dings along the way.

Our Wooden Cases are the most loved products particularly the Real Walnut Wood Cases either the Snap-On Bumper Case or Folio Flip Case. Each of our wood cases is nurtured and defined with such precision that it charms our customers.  Our Good Wood iPhone Case Collection comes in different designs, shades, sizes, and structures. Each wooden case is distinct with a bold & sedate vibe and the real beauty lies within the fact that since no two trees produce the same wood type, the wood case tones very naturally. For instance, the Real Cherry Wood has a mahogany shade, Walnut Wood Cases are darker tan brown, Real Bamboo Wood Cases are the lightest shade of yellowish-brown, and Real Rose Wood is an auburn brown shade.  We truly capture the ‘Originality’ of every wood so you can get a UNIQUE and CAPTIVATING product only.

it offers wooden cases are available for iPhone X, 8 Plus / 7 Plus, 8/7, 6s/6, SE/5s/5, and XR models.  All wooden cases are light-weight and portable that flushes right to your phone to minimize bulk and shock-resistant to for maximum protection.  We have both the options available a Snap-On application for a quick installation and wallet book type case for those that like full case phone coverage.  Our cases have a good grip pressure so you don’t have to worry if your phone slips from your hands.


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