The Best Stylish iPhone Cases 2019

iATO Cases are super-elegant with minimalist design and classic logo imprinted at the bottom of each case that adds a dash of personalized factor. Whether you buy a folio flip case, a slim & sleek snap-on bumper case or a wallet case they’ll all look great. iATO cases are relatively protective with premium material and light-weight quality unlike Otter box and Life proof they tend to give a bulky or rugged feeling in your pocket. IATO cases are unmistakably classic and offer high shock protection, so even if you accidentally drop it on the floor, or any phone-accident happens there are better chances it’ll survive.

iATO Leather cases are carved from genuine cowhide and come in two distinct styles of wallet cases (Deep Blue and Saddle Brown colors) and Snap-On case in black and Brown. The good Wood-Cases provided by IATO are so far the BEST in the market, as they have a wide variety of Real Excellent-grade wood cases such as Bamboo Wood, Rose Wood, Cherry Wood, and Walnut Wood. They are all sturdy and solid wood cases, beautifully crafted with a refined finish-look. Obviously, each wood has a different nature and properties, so their wooden cases are all unique with a flair of “royalty”. With a sensational flow of customer reviews on their Amazon profile and social media channels, it is safe to deduce that IATO Good-Wood Cases are much-desired and loved by the clients. ( Check out the reviews )

The customers have particularly loved the Wallet Cases, with its simple protective folio-style screen cover that folds back when you're using your phone and flips back to close magnetically when you're done. You can see through the front cover and the camera's sensors are exposed, so selfies and FaceID are still doable. The case itself is quite slim and elegant, too.

If you're not a folio person, IATO other cases are just as gorgeous. Whether you grab the super slim Bumper Case or one with a kickstand, you really can't go wrong.

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