iPhone Silicone Case vs. Leather Case: Which Should You Buy?

You are thinking of buying a cover for your iPhone but you're confused which one to go for, a leather case or silicon case? Well honestly, both are smart choices with their respective pros and cons but it mostly depends on your preference/mood and budget. We have got a long differentiating list made up for you to make easy comparison and ward off your doubts when deciding for the best pair of phone case material between the two.


True, Surreal-Silicon cases are slightly less expensive than the Genuine Leather Cases. The prices are subject to changes depending on the currency conversion on Amazon as we primarily sell our premium products in the UK, U.S.A, and Canada. IATO iPhone covers aren’t cheap but they are worth every penny reflecting on its sheer quality and designer-look.

Durability over Time

The silicon cases may be a better choice in that regard, albeit both silicone and leather should remain durable and protective, but leather definitely shows its age. IATO premium iPhone cases come with a 2-year warranty with the money-back guarantee within 30 days, this implies that our phone cases will last longer than others, relying on refined materials and skills involved. However, if you don’t want to be bothered with the timely wear and tear element with a good grip then silicon is your ultimate choice. If you want something more sophisticated and ‘pricey-looking’ with ‘corporate appeal’ then go for the unique leather cases to decorate your iPhone with. Yet again, there are customers who adore the vintage look of a leather case, that sheen of aged patina and there are some who don’t want their iPhone to look older and frayed. In short, silicon cases will still look the same for a longer time than leather cases due to the nature of the material.

Better Protection

They both offer long-term solid protection as they are sleek and durable, but don’t expect them to protect the phone from serious drops. They offer mid-range protection. The cases should protect against scratches, day-to-day use, bumps, and minor falls. If you are prone to slipping your phone we can’t guarantee how long it’ll take the hard blows.  If you are clumsy by our wallet/book type or folio flip leather cases, they are a real treat to customers having a high demand in the global market. They provide 360-degree thick-skin protection so it won’t break easily if falls on any angle on the floor.

IATO iPhone Silicon and Leather Case Colors

We offer a wide variety of case colors in different sizes, models and designs. Our silicon cases come in two colors Dark Red and Black and leather cases are in Deep Blue & Saddle Brown (wallet cases) and Black and Brown (Snap-On).

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