How to use auto lock and unlock on iPhone with folio-style cases?

Are you using an iPhone with folio flip cases or book type cases that cover all sides of an iPhone in a 360-degree fashion and want to take advantage of auto lock and unlock feature? Surely it is a distress to a lot of people who are unaware that such a feature is available in iPhone and all they need to do is click on a few settings and boom it will be done for you.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Swipe down and tap Display & Brightness
  3. Swipe down again and look for Lock / Unlock
  4. Make sure it is toggled on

It’s that simple!

Folio Flip Cases provide intense fall-protection and damage-cure to your iPhone as possible and even if you might not like the book/wallet type of these cases, believe it or not, it is a true savior for your iPhone. Folio Flip Cases are the best choice for people who are clumsy and prone to slipping objects from hands because you would be assured that your beautiful Apple product is unharmed by the accident.

We provide the premium Lush-leather folio flip cases and Real Wood Grain Protective folio flip cases and in addition to that transparent cases and surreal-silicon cases in Black and Red color for your iPhone. IATO provides the VERY best, and our guarantee reflects in thriving customer feedback and responses.

 We believe in keeping your Apple Products intact and enhance its original beauty!

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