How long do iPhone Leather Cases last?

Leather Cases have a good durability so they normally last up to 6-18 months in a splendid condition without significantly looking worn out and aged, but it mostly depends on two factors,

  • Quality of Leather consumed in making a phone case
  • Self-Protection and treatment to your iPhone leather case

There are multiple phone case designing and supplying companies such as Nurbo, Carved, Woodcessories, etc. and they all might be good, but we are the best because unlike other competitors we unabashedly claim to use ‘GENUINE AND REAL LEATHER’ for our leather phone cases. IATO don’t compromise on the product quality at all and consistently focus on providing lush and sturdy leather cases that last up to 24 months. Our superior leather quality purely extracted from cowhide is supple and sturdy that gives a ‘soft strength’ feel to the phone cover so when you touch it appears slightly course and smooth textured but if you knock down your phone it doesn’t get damaged so easily. Leather cases are a CLASSIC choice to wrap your iPhone X, but deciding the right brand of the leather case is SMARTER. IATO offers a variety of lush-leather phone cases in different designs, textures, and colors and sizes so it fits your needs perfectly. Our leather cases come with 2 years warranty and provide great protection from chipping and scratches. Considering you take care of your iPhone leather cases we are the SAFEST option!

iATO has rightly earned the prestige of an established brand that targets the development of long-term customer loyalty and superb user-experience. We don’t take the responsibility lightly, and when our product originality and quality stays intact, customers flock to IATO with trust and pride.  

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